Development of models, methods and algorithms for calibrating parallel robots with flexible connections

Alexandr Klimchick
project lead
Financing: The Russian foundation for basic research
Laboratory: Industrial Robotics Lab
Status: Выполняется
The aim of the project is the development of methods for mathematical modeling of kinematics, statics and motion dynamics of parallel robots with flexible connections and, based on them, the development of methods and algorithms for calibrating such robots. As a result of the project, it is proposed to develop: a method for mathematical modeling of cable robots as complex systems with nonlinear relationships between elements, including using the principle of multidimensional virtual springs; methods for solving the direct and inverse problems of kinematics of a cable robot, taking into account the dynamic model and the mutual influence of cables on each other; methods and algorithms of geometric, elastostatic and dynamic calibration of cable robots; Algorithms and programs for modeling the dynamics of movement of cable robots, generating their program movements, controlling drives, calculating parameters for the developed calibration methods.