On the basis of Innopolis University, the basics of robotics and mechatronics are taught in undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate and pre-university programs. For graduates held international project schools. A separate area is a corporate education, which includes sets of training programs on the use of robotics technologies in the industry.  

Educational programs

Bachelor program

Bachelor program at the Innopolis University was developed by the world’s leading professors and experts in the field of information technology and is aimed at equipping students with modern knowledge of the highest level in the fields of information technology and robotics.


Masters program

Masters program students will learn key competencies in the areas of computer science, robotics and programming. During their study, the students will also obtain practical skills in algorithm development for human-robot interaction, programming industrial and mobile robots, control system design, sensor data acquisition and processing, embedded systems and computer vision, robot modeling.


Postgraduate program

Education in the post-graduate (PhD) program is conducted in 4 principal tracks:


  • industrial and collaborative robotics
  • autonomous transport systems
  • mechatronics and prototyping
  • neuroscience and cognitive technology

Teaching staff

Teaching staff
World-class experts and practitioners implementing international projects in the field of robotics and mechatronics

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