Center for technologies in robotics and mechatronics components

The activities of the Center are aimed at conducting scientific research, developing educational programs  in priority areas of robotics, and implementing industrial projects together with a technological consortium


Alexandr Klimchik

Head of the Center/ PhD
blockquote The Center for technologies in robotics and mechatronics components is a common platform of a science and business cooperation for the technologies and the creation of new high-tech products. In cooperation with the technology consortium, we develop new educational programs and implementing innovative projects for business and the state. The combination of leading Russian and foreign universities, research institutes and industrial partners contributes to the joint solution of complex technological problems.

employees in the center

3 doctors
17 candidates of science
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Industrial robotics, neuroscience, autonomous vehicles, MR/AR
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units of equipment

Robotic systems and scientific applications, applications in education
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scientific publications

Scientific journals articles, scientific articles collection of Russian and international conferences
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