Development of a hardware-software complex with force moment feedback for an autonomous robotic assembly area

Alexandr Klimchick
project lead
Financing: NTI
Laboratory: Industrial Robotics Lab
Status: Завершен
R&D project aims to develop a new domestic hardware and software system for an autonomous robotic assembly area. A distinctive design feature of this complex is the use of double encoders in each joint of the robot. In addition, a stiffness model will be used, which, together with information on deformations in the joints, allows you to programmatically implement “force-sensitive sensation” and compensate for deformations caused by the compliance of all components of the robot. This will allow using the robot for tasks where positioning accuracy and “torque sensation” are critical. In particular, this robot will be successfully used in the assembly of hard and brittle products and can work side by side or together with a person. This robotic platform will surpass foreign analogs in technical characteristics, while remaining accessible to end-users in the Russian market.