The concentration of methane and carbon dioxide monitoring in the industrial environment (facilities and pipelines) using multi-rotor unmanned aerial vehicles

Alexandr Klimchick
project lead
Partners: LED Microsensor NT LLC (Russia)
Financing: NTI
Laboratory: Autonomous Transportation Systems Lab
Status: Выполняется
The main purpose of the developed product is to monitor the concentration of methane and carbon dioxide in the environment near industrial facilities and pipelines. To solve this problem, methane and carbon dioxide sensors will be developed that differ in minimum size and weight, high speed, ultra-low power consumption. Sensors will be installed on multi-rotor unmanned aerial vehicles. The flight over the controlled area will be carried out automatically along a predetermined path. An unmanned aerial vehicle with sensors will transmit continuously coupled information on the concentrations of CO2 and CH4 in relation to the coordinates of the terrain. The proposed solution is based on a technology that has no analogs in the world and is based on the use of semiconductor elements: LEDs and photodiodes based on narrow-band InAs solid solutions operating in the spectral range 3000–4000 nanometers.