Presentation of Self-driving car at 404Fest

The team of Autonomous Transport Systems Lab (Center for Technologies in Robotics and Mechatronics Components, Innopolis University) took part in the 404Fest, held on 14 and 15 September, in Samara. This year Intelligent Transport Systems has become one of the main IT forum`s topic.

The self-driving car based on Hyundai Santa Fe (pilot production model) – the project of the Autonomous Transport Systems Lab was presented to Dmitry Azarov, the Samara Region Governor.

Salimzhan Gafurov, Head of the Autonomous Transport Systems Lab, Center for Technologies in Robotics and Mechatronics Components, Innopolis University:

«We demonstrated the vehicle’s localization modules performance, the detection of external objects such as cars, bicyclists, pedestrians, elements of the road and city infrastructure, also the recognition module for the traffic way, which helps to navigate the car in conditions of blind road».

The laboratory team developed and integrated the software for incoming traffic data processing, collected from cameras and sensors, transmission of control signals for the safe movement of Hyundai serial car. The software recognizes a large amount of information from several sources, what is important for the vehicle road navigation: determination of traffic line and borders, road markings, reaction to the obstacles, pedestrians, recognition of traffic lights and signs. At the same time, the speed of processing and control actions is up to 140 milliseconds, which makes this car a safe vehicle.

“Our self-driving car was being tested on the roads of Innopolis city – this is the only one European city, where the free movement of autonomous vehicles is allowed. At the moment, our self-driving car has traveled more than 12 thousand kilometers and proved its reliability in different weather conditions” said Salimzhan Gafurov.