A joint project of the Center for Technologies in Robotics and Mechatronics Components and ARKODIM LLC became a finalist of the CRIEC competition

CRIEC – The first Sino-Russian competition of innovation and entrepreneurship, organized by the Science Park of Moscow State University and the China International Exchange Association, launched in January this year in Beijing. In the finals of the competition, held in Shanghai, 24 promising projects came out. In addition, the final teams were invited to participate in the road show, which takes place these days in China.

During the trip, the teams got the opportunity to present their high-tech and innovative projects to Chinese investors and entrepreneurs in four provinces of China. The competition final was a part of the Third Sino-Russian Innovation Dialogue, held in Shanghai, where the finalists presented to experts their projects.  This competition offers the challenges to find new partners, to invite and raise investments, and also to create new joint Sino-Russian enterprises.

Head of the Center for Technologies in Robotics and Mechatronics Components Alexander Klimchik presented the joint project in «Development of intelligent manufacturing solutions based on a manipulating industrial robot with a double encoder system» with ARKODIM LLC company.

«The uniqueness of our project lies in the robot control algorithms, which are based on the information processing from two encoders and the mathematical model of the robot that describes its behavior under external load. Our solution allows us to compensate more than 90% of errors caused by interaction with the external environment, which promotes accuracy in contact milling and cutting operations 3 times higher than by our competitors. The Chinese market is the one of the biggest, it is 38% of the global industrial robotics market, so business matchings and investment promotion in the Middle Kingdom seems to us that strategically it`s the most promising for the product promotion», said Professor Klimchik.

The general manager of ARKODIM LLC Artyom Barakhtin noted that the First Sino-Russian Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition is an excellent platform for the experience and professional knowledge exchange between specialists from different fields and also challenging opportunity to invite new investments, especially because the Chinese market has great potential.