Laboratory of mechatronics, control and prototyping

The Laboratory of mechatronics, control and prototyping conducts development research and application of new mechatronics components, algorithms and software for mechatronic devices optimal design development.



Laboratory assistant
Laboratory assistant


Junior research fellow
Junior research fellow


Lead developer
Lead developer

Scientific activity

The laboratory conducts research and development work with the focus on control system design and development for industrial robots, the development of new principles and models of robotic systems control, the development of multi-level and hierarchical control systems, the development of modular control systems, the development of universal control systems.

Scientific research includes algorithms of the implicit algorithms for force-torque determination, the development of new advanced hardware for force-torque sensing and force-torque data processing algorithms, the use of force moment measurements for identifying dynamic models, multiplexing force-torque measurements for more accurate determination of artificial skin technologies.

The laboratory team conduct development research in innovative tools and mechanisms for 3D printing (plastic, aluminum and cement), the development of manipulators for 3D printing of large objects.


  1. Dynamics and control systems
  2. Humanoid robots and promoters
  3. Actuators and systems
  4. Modeling and design of complex robotic systems
  5. Perception, manipulation and remote control 
  6. Mechatronics, robot sensory system and perception means 
  7. Additive technologies and robotic systems prototyping  
  8. Mobile Robotics
  9. Service Robotics



Comparison of kinematic and dynamic leg trajectory optimization techniques for biped robot locomotion

Authors: R Khusainov, A Klimchik, E Magid
Publisher: IOP Publishing
Source: Journal of Physics: Conference Series
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Kinematic and Dynamic Approaches in Gait Optimization for Humanoid Robot Locomotion

Authors: Ramil Khusainov, Alexandr Klimchik, Evgeni Magid
Publisher: Springer, Cham
Source: Book Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics
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Mechatronics, control and prototyping

Development of a hardware-software complex for ensuring movement on smooth and rough terrain of anthropomorphic robotic systems with variable stiffness drives

✓ Completed

Mechatronics, control and prototyping

Intelligent methods for creating and improving motion primitives for anthropomorphic robots


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